Götaholm BK B18 champions after their fourth straight penalty victory - Gothia Cup
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Götaholm BK B18 champions after their fourth straight penalty victory

Götaholm BK - Gais 6-5 (1-0) after penalties

The B18 final was a Gothenburg derby between Götaholm BK and Gais. It was a very interesting and exciting game - and it went all the way to penalties. The penalty experts Götaholm BK won the thriller after a huge drama.
– We will celebrate a lot in our clubhouse, says the goalkeeper Promise Ezeilo.

Götaholm BK got a great chance to take the lead in the end of the first half. They were awarded a penalty but it was saved by Gais goalkeeper. But they didn’t give up. Instead, they scored with two minutes to go in the first half. The goal was scored by Willy Kamegni Kamula Foumboua. Gais scored an equalizer early in the second half. Ahmad Reekab was the goal scorer. It was the last goal in the game. Penalty kicks decided the winner. Gais and Götaholm BK missed one penalty each. It was a big drama in the penalty shootout but Götaholm BK won in the end. It was their fourth straight (!) victory on penalties in the Gothia Cup.  After the game, they hugged their friends and families.
– It feels so wonderful to win a Gothenburg derby. It’s so nice to win the Gothia Cup, says the goalkeeper Promise Ezeilo.
He promises to celebrate in a good way.
– We will celebrate a lot. We will be in our clubhouse and we will have nice food and everything, says the goalkeeper. 



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