Gothia Cup

Gothenburg derby ended in win for IFK Göteborg

IFK Göteborg - BK Häcken 2 3–2 (3–2)

The final of the G17 category was set up to be an exciting tie and the Gothenburg derby did not disappoint. IFK Göteborg had only conceded one goal leading up to the final and BK Häcken had managed to get through to the final after a prolonged penalty drama.

The game started off at a high pace and would continue much in the same way. IFK Göteborg opened the scoring early on after they capitalised on a defensive error. BK Häcken were quick to equalise with a goal themselves. IFK quickly followed that up with another goal, a well-placed pass that cut through the defense and could be placed in the back of the net. Häcken were not having that however and replied with another goal, making it 2–2. IFK were not slowing down on the action and number 9 Saron Behre made it 3–2 just before half-time with a wonderful strike from outside of the box.

It calmed down a bit more in the second half and the teams were moving the ball around a lot, trying to find a way through. A massive save by Häcken's keeper kept the side in the game, and the team kept pushing, coming close a few times. IFK’s solid defence, which had been a staple of theirs throughout the tournament, would not let them through however and at the final whistle IFK were the winners.

IFK captain Tida Jatta comments on their path to the final.
– We’ve played well every game. We have played very well together and are not afraid to hold the ball and we’re good at moving the ball between us as well, Jatta says.

Celebration plans are still to be made, but celebrate they will.
– It was a very tough game, it is a derby after all. But now we’re going to celebrate big, says Jatta.