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Gothia Cup 2020 is cancelled

Due to the Coronavirus disease pandemic, there will be no Gothia Cup this summer. After consulting with the Swedish Public Health Agency and the WHO, we have come to the decision to cancel the tournament, for the first time since the beginning in 1975.

Though we feared this would happen, we have until now hoped that it wouldn’t end this way. We are devastated about the fact that we won’t be able to welcome you to Gothenburg this summer and kindly ask for your understanding. We hope that all of you – players, leaders, referees, volunteers, partners and collaborators – will be able to be part of Gothia Cup next year instead.

All registered teams can choose if they would like to transfer their paid registration fee to next year’s tournament, to secure their spot in Gothia Cup 2021, or if they want to have it refunded. All registrated teams will receive information from Gothia Cup about this procedure. For administrative reasons we need this information before May 31st – if we haven’t heard from you by then, no refunds will be made.

Finally, we would like to send this message to all our Gothia family members all over the world, from our General Secretary since 1981, Dennis Andersson:

”These are the most difficult words I have ever tried to compose: There will be no Gothia Cup this year. No colour sparkling dressed children on the streets of Gothenburg. No smiling and chanting youth, sharing the love for the game and the life-changing experiences that create friendships and build relationships with children from different countries and continents. 

Those who have experienced Gothia Cup, know that you get captured by this collective feeling where nothing is impossible. A world where there’s only room for joyfulness, fellowship and hope. The power of 35000 youth, uniting the world with a conviction to improve it.

For 45 years, this feeling has captured Gothenburg during one week in July and I am devastated to conclude that we won’t get to experience that this summer.

Nevertheless, this is one of the easiest decisions I’ve been involved in making. We have a great respect for the ongoing pandemic and the effect it has on all of us, all over the world. Right now, we must focus on protecting the elderly and the vulnerable and on implementing social distancing.

It’s a difficult time. Although, football has the ability to lead people through crises. Regardless of what has caused the destruction and where in the world it has taken place, you can often find children playing football in the pictures showing the catastrophic scenes. The game has the ability to provide us with some sort of normality when the whole world around us is shaking.

In this time, when social distancing reminds us of our need for love and belonging, we are strengthened in our conviction to unite the world through football.

It’s situations like this that defines us. Who we are. Who we want to be, when this is all over. 

Our responsibility, for the youth of the world – the next generation – is to have endurance in our work for a tolerant society that celebrates diversity and solidarity.

We are in this together. This year, we won’t share the unforgettable memories as we do every summer. Still, we share this struggle that we’re in. And even if we’re distanced from each other at the moment, the Gothia family is always there for each other.

Thank you for your support and understanding. 

Take good care of yourselves and each other.

With love and hope to see as many of you as possible at Gothia Cup 2021.”



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