Gothia Cup

Gothia Cup Foundation gives more teams the opportunity to participate

Gothia Cup Foundation is now an integrated and important part of the overall sustainability work that Gothia Cup conducts.

The tournament and its sustainability partners continue to work towards achieving the tenth global goal: reducing inequality. Gothia Cup Foundation plays an important role here.

Every summer, Gothia Cup creates the world's largest and most international meeting place for young footballers. This meeting place is independent of skin colour, culture and gender and is based on the foundation that everyone shows mutual respect and understanding for each other. With the help of Gothia Cup Foundation's various projects, we create opportunities for education and an active lifestyle for young people worldwide.

Every year, teams who otherwise could not afford to go to Gothenburg and play the tournament can do exactly that with the help of a grant from Gothia Cup Foundation. With the help of the project, teams from resource-poor countries can have the opportunity to participate and contribute to creating "The World Youth Cup" on site in Gothenburg. It can be about discounts as well as travel allowances and free participation for teams.

– In total, Gothia Cup allocates between three and four million crones each year to Gothia Cup Foundation. This money will go to support teams from countries with poor resources and where football is developing. Every year, teams from countries that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to participate come here to play the tournament, says Niclas Andersson Freiholtz, tournament director for Gothia Cup.

Gothia Cup continues its sustainability work together with our partners to reach the UN's global goals by 2030. With the help of our main partner SKF and our official partners GB Glace, McDonald's, SEB, Länsförsäkringar and Tre, we're taking steps towards the global goal of reduced inequality.