Gothia Cup

Gothia Cup is fully booked - on record time

Interest in the Gothia Cup is at a record high. A total of 1,850 teams have registered. Therefore, the tournament management has decided to close for further registrations – almost three months before the final registration deadline.

The deadline for teams to participate in the world's largest youth football tournament is April 10th. It is the first time that the Gothia Cup is forced to close registrations ahead of schedule.

"There is no more space left in the tournament. Anyone registering now will be placed on a waiting list. If any teams drop out or if we manage to secure more spots in the tournament, we can admit more," says Niclas Freiholtz, the tournament director for the Gothia Cup.

"As it stands now, there simply are no more fields to play on or opportunities for the teams to stay overnight."

This year, 1,850 teams have already registered, with half of them coming from countries other than Sweden. The tournament is scheduled to take place from July 15th to 20th in Gothenburg. The vast majority of teams, 1,550, will be staying in the Gothenburg region, either at schools or hotels. 300 of the teams are from the local area.

"It's very exciting to see the growing interest in the Gothia Cup, with so many teams wanting to participate in the tournament. The growth is from all around the world."

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