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The Gothia Cup presents Elektroskandia Sweden as new Official Partner

Elektroskandia Sweden is a new Official Partner for the Gothia Cup.

Elektroskandia Sweden becomes a new Official Partner for the Gothia Cup. The parties have agreed on a collaboration with gender equality in focus. Elektroskandia Sweden will also be the main partner for the G17 category in the tournament.

Elektroskandia Sweden is Sweden's leading electrical technology wholesaler and is owned by the French wholesale group Sonepar. The company offers electrical equipment and systems to customers who are active in the areas of electrical installation, industry, infrastructure, security, lighting and appliances. Elektroskandia Sweden provides a wide range from the leading suppliers in the world. Now Elektroskandia Sweden is starting a partnership with the Gothia Cup, with a focus on gender equality.
– We want to be seen in a public context and actively contribute with something that differs from our business, but still focus on the values we want to stand for as a company, says the CEO Anders Nordlöw.

They have a very positive attitude towards the Gothia Cup as a tournament and brand.
– The Gothia Cup is a strong brand with wide distribution. The Gothia Cup works with young people, who are our future, and shares our attitude regarding four of the global goals; good health and well-being, equality, reduced inequality and combating climate change, says the CEO.
Elektroskandia Sweden's goal with the partnership is to be visible for existing and new target groups while involving their organization across the country with local activities linked to the partnership.
– In an extension, we also see the opportunity to develop the investment and involve companies in other countries within the Sonepar group. We see this partnership as a long-term collaboration and part of our sustainability work, an area in which Elektroskandia Sweden is at the forefront, says Anders Nordlöw.
Elektroskandia Sweden will be the main partner for the G17 category.
– We're very proud to be the main partner for the Girls 17 category this year, which resonates well with Elektroskandia Sweden's values in terms of gender equality.

Gothia Cup's director of sales, Thomas Anderson, sees great opportunities with the partnership with Elektroskandia Sweden.
– We're very proud of the partnership with Elektroskandia Sweden, a collaboration that largely focuses on the tournament's sustainability work. In this work, it's crucial to have credible partners such as Elektroskandia Sweden, who genuinely want to participate and develop the sustainability work together with us, so that we can jointly offer our future generations a sustainable society, says Thomas Anderson.



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