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The Gothia Cup presents SJ as new Official Partner

SJ is a new Official Partner to the Gothia Cup.

SJ becomes a new Official Partner to the Gothia Cup. The parties have agreed on a collaboration with a focus on working towards the global climate goals.

SJ is switching up its partnership from being a supplier to now taking place as an Official Partner. The Gothia Cup's and SJ's joint initiative, the Gothia Cup train, which runs from Stockholm to Gothenburg on Sunday morning and returns late on Saturday afternoon, is back after a few years' hiatus and now the cooperation between the partners will intensify further. The purpose of the Gothia Cup train is to make the journey to and from the Gothia Cup as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible for participating teams traveling from or via Stockholm.

The Gothia Cup's director of sales, Thomas Anderson, sees great potential in the partnership.
– We're very happy to switch up our collaboration with SJ. We do this by offering, among other things, the unique Gothia Cup train. The aim is for more clubs throughout the country to discover the possibility of comfortably, safely and sustainably being able to take the train to Sweden's biggest youth football tournament. In line with our sustainability work, SJ and their ambition to get more people to choose trains as means of transport fits in perfectly, says Thomas Anderson.

The Gothia Cup will work together with SJ to fulfill the global climate goals. The Gothia Cup train is part of this. On board, SJ serves a range of KRAV and Fairtrade-labelled products. SJ also has a travel offer that goes by the name Idrottsresan. This can be used by associations and clubs that are connected to the Swedish Sports Confederation. You apply for a free customer number and a discount of 15 percent is attached to it.
– We want to be the natural travel partner and contribute to the travel needs that the Gothia Cup and the participating teams have to go to and from Gothenburg. Gothia Cup and SJ work with sustainability goals that are important. What's important to us is joint work that doesn't end after week 29. We want to find ways to contribute together. Together, the Gothia Cup and SJ can influence and help each other but also work with other partners for a more sustainable event and society, says Seung-Mo Koo, sales manager at SJ.



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