Gothia Cup

The Gothia Cup presents Turkish Airlines as Official Partner

Turkish Airlines is back as Official Partner for the Gothia Cup.

Turkish Airlines becomes an Official Partner for the Gothia Cup again. The parties have agreed on a collaboration with a focus on working towards the global climate goals.

Turkish Airlines has previously been a partner to the Gothia Cup between 2013 and 2019. Now they’re back.
– It was suspended due to the pandemic. We’re very pleased to be partners again. We’re very excited to meet the young people who are our future, says Yavuz Selim Keles, sales manager at Turkish Airlines.
The airline company will offer extra luggage for free to all players and teams that travel with them to Gothenburg before the tournament. Turkish Airlines is very positive about the Gothia Cup.
 – The Gothia Cup is the biggest international tournament where young football players can show their talents, skills and games. In addition, it contributes to the spread and recognition of girls' football teams around the world, he says.

The goals of the partnership are clear to them.
– Sports organizations such as the Gothia Cup are always supported by Turkish Airlines. Our partnership aims to come together with young people, introduce our airline and gain insights about expectations. Turkish Airlines share the core values of the Gothia Cup such as irrespective of nationality, religion, or skin color youngsters should have the chance to meet and play football. Our goal as a partner is to be the leading airline for all those people who is involved in the Gothia Cup, says Yavuz Selim Keles.

Turkish Airlines and the Gothia Cup will be working together towards the global climate goals.
– We choose the Climate Action because as the airline that flies to more countries than any other airline in the world, we appreciate the sustainable aviation fuel as a key element in our sustainability strategy on reducing aviation's environmental impact.
He continues:
– As Turkish Airlines is making waves in the national and international arena with its sustainability-focused activities and awards, the flag carrier was awarded the "Airline Sustainability Innovation of the Year" award by CAPA - Centre for Aviation - for its innovative efforts within the scope of sustainability.

Turkish Airlines work closely with scientists to develop the world's first carbon negative sustainable aviation fuel, called SAF. They’re also working on a project called the Microalgae Based Sustainable Bio-Jet Fuel Project, where they collaborate with Bogazici University.
– It’s aimed to produce biofuels from microalgae using hydro-processed fatty acids and hydrothermal liquefaction methods. Turkish Airlines plans to use this biofuel, which will be obtained from sustainable sources and is a project output that contributes to nine of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in its flights after the engine tests to be carried out by Turkish Technic. When we use this fuel, we will be one of the few global companies that can use the cleanest type of biofuel, says Yavuz Selim Keles.

Gothia Cup’s director of sales, Thomas Anderson, is looking forward to the partnership.
– It feels fantastic to welcome Turkish Airlines back to the Gothia Cup family. Both we and Turkish Airlines have the world as workplace and our common demands for quality and a sustainable society mean that the collaboration is both important and inspiring. We see the fact that Turkish Airlines invests heavily in research and development of sustainable fuel as important measures to be able to transport future football travelers in a sustainable way, says Thomas Anderson.