Gothia Cup will reduce food waste with help of Too Good To Go

As part of Gothia Cup's sustainability initiative Celebrate, the tournament has started a collaboration with Too Good To Go – with the goal of reducing food waste during Gothia Cup.

Too Good To Go is the world's largest marketplace for surplus food and was started in Denmark eight years ago. Now present in 18 countries, the company has so far saved over 330 million meals by making it easy for both companies and users to dispose of surplus food. The concept gives everyone an opportunity to easily combat food waste. Too Good To Go has also launched projects to change date markings on food and initiatives that help households reduce their food waste.

Food waste is a big problem today. According to WWF, 40 percent of all food produced in the world goes to waste. Food waste accounts for ten percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Gothia Cup will now work together with Too Good To Go to reduce food waste during the tournament and jointly fight climate change. Through the food saver app Too Good To Go, we can save leftover food from Gothia Cup from going to waste.
– We're very happy to be able to collaborate with Too Good To Go and we hope that many Gothenburg citizens will take the opportunity to buy our good food. Our ambition is that all our prepared food should be eaten and not thrown away, which is why Too Good To Go's concept suits us perfectly, says Tommy Wiking, project manager for food during Gothia Cup.

To Good To Go views the collaboration with the tournament very positively.
– By joining forces with Gothia Cup, we will be able to save good food that otherwise risks being thrown away. In order to find a long-term solution to how we fight food waste, changes are required at the societal level, but as individuals we can all be involved and make a difference. This summer we hope for many goals and many saved meals. In this way, everyone is a winner – not least the planet, says Sofia Edholm, director for Too Good To Go in Sweden.