Great first edition of the Gothia Cup Cancun

The first edition of the Gothia Cup Cancun is over.

Inter Playa, the winners of the G14 category.

We’re happy with the tournament and would like to thank all the players, leaders, referees, crew members and the fantastic team hotel Grand Oasis Cancun for a memorable week.

The players from little more than 50 teams created a great feeling on and off the pitch.
– It was a brilliant first edition of the Gothia Cup Cancun. Teams from six nations and referees from eight nations created a fantastic atmosphere around the match arenas. We won't soon forget the opening ceremony on the beach, which ended with crackling fireworks. And the tournament ended with a magical atmosphere when the finals were played at the classic arena Cancun 86, says Niclas Andersson Freiholtz, competition general of the Gothia Cup Cancun.

Another memory he carries with him is a moment that took place after the G14 final in the B playoffs.
– AS Brossard from Canada showed fair play and good sportsmanship when they celebrated the team U DE CHILE MX that won against them, says Niclas Andersson Freiholtz.

Results in the A finals:
B14: Atlante FC (Mexico) - Valladolid FC Cancún 1-3
B16: INTERCUPS MX 2 (Mexico) - Valladolid Futbol Club Cancun (Mexico) 3-5 after penalties
G14: Inter Playa (Mexico) - Pioneros F.C. (Mexico) 1-0
G16: Club Amigas Pioneras A 2007 1 (Mexico) - Elite Development Academy (USA) 0-1
B11: Fútbol Consultants Edson Soto (Costa Rica) - FC NAPOLI MX (Mexico) 4-0
B12: Barca CFIS (Mexico) - Dragones de Oaxaca (Mexico) 2-0

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