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Great success for the third Gothia eCup

The winners of the third edition of Gothia eCup was in Gothenburg today to collect their trophies and, of course, play some FIFA in the tent at Heden. ”I work hard and my goal is to next year be able to play FIFA full time”, says William Berg.

Gothia eCup is an online tournament that has been played during the weeks leading up to Gothia Cup. The tournament is held in two categories, Xbox and Playstation 4, and has been open for players aged 13 to 21. William Berg from Sweden, or Dejex which is his FIFA name has merits from Swedish eAllsvenskan, where many of the best FIFA players in Sweden plays. In eAllsvenskan he plays in team with last years winner in Gothia eCup, OliBoli. But in Gothia eCup everyone plays individually.

”This was actually the first time I played a tournament by myself. This success feels great. My strength as a player is that I’m good at adjust my play to my opponent”, William Berg says.

This years Gothia eCup has been a great success and compared to last year 500 new members has registered for the tournament. Altogether more than 1700 qualifications games has been played. The winner in the Xbox tournament comes from Germany.

”My coach said that this was a big tournament so I registered. I’m here now because they wanted me to come here for the trophy. It’s the first time I’m here in Sweden, it’s a nice country”, Jan-Luca Bass, or Bassinho which is his FIFA name, says.

Dejex and Bassinho

The playing captain of the Swedish national team in FIFA, Ivan Lapanje aka BorasLegend, and Olle Arbin, Ollelito, who also is a member of the national team where also at the FIFA tent at Heden together with the two winners.

”It’s been a lot of fun, many good players has been here. It’s also fun that so many people are here to play, the spots are full here almost all time. I try to find some new talents while I’m here, every opportunity is a good opportunity, the Swedish captain Lapanje says.

Olle Arbin has also been watching some regular football while at Gothia Cup.

”I’m very in to football so I’ve seen a lot of games. It’s a great week, with good football and people from all over the world”, Arbin says.

The tournament director for Gothia eCup can close out a very successful tournament. 

”We’ve shown that we are one of the biggest international tournaments in the world and we continue to create the stars of the next generation”, Joel Hildingsson says.



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