Gothia Cup

Hundreds of teams arrive in Gothenburg for Gothia Cup

Argentinian Club Social y Deportivo Cazadores and Austrian LAZ Stockerau landed at Landvetter at the same time after significantly different flight durations.

On Sunday, several hundred football teams arrive in Gothenburg for Gothia Cup. A steady stream of excited young players from all corners of the world pour out through the customs gates at Landvetter Airport during the day. Despite the players' high expectations and happy faces, the energy levels vary.

The Argentinian G12 team, Club Social y Deportivo Cazadores, has a long journey behind them.
– We have traveled for more than 24 hours, via Buenos Aires and Amsterdam, to get here. We are incredibly happy to be here, and our expectations are sky-high, even though we are also tired, says their coach, Cintia Agusti.

The girls' team got the opportunity to travel across the Atlantic to participate in the world's largest football tournament after winning the SKF-sponsored qualifying competition "Meet the World" in Argentina earlier this year.
– We won the decisive match on penalties. The girls are very happy to have earned this opportunity, and we are really looking forward to a week filled with football and joy, Agusti continues.

Suddenly, a thunderous roar echoes through the arrival hall at Landvetter. The Austrian boys' team LAZ Stockerau made no secret of their arrival. After a considerably shorter journey, only two hours by direct flight from Vienna, the energy level of their captain, Nico Kovacevic, is still noticeably high.
– It's our team name that we are shouting out. We are so excited to finally be here, and we are really looking forward to the week. Hopefully, we can win the whole tournament, he says.