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Information regarding Covid-19 and Gothia Cup

The safety of our participants and officials during the tournament is our highest priority. Gothia Cup has a deep understanding of how all of you are affected by the corona pandemic and it is very important that you feel safe when registering your team to participate in the tournament.

None of us is left unaffected of the pandemic but the situation varies in different parts of the world, both when it comes to the spread of Covid-19 and when it comes to the laws and restrictions applicable in each country. The situation in Sweden is still severe, nevertheless, the forecast is positive, and the government has made an agreement that assures that all adult residents in Sweden will have been offered vaccine as of the end of June 2021.

In light of that, the Gothia Cup organisation is now fully focused with plans and adjustments of Gothia Cup 2021 to be able to deliver a safe and high-quality tournament.

As of today, 850 teams from 40 countries have signed up for Gothia Cup 2021. A 20% decrease from this time a normal year but in regard with the circumstances, this strengthen our belief in the fact that youth all over the world long for Gothia Cup and the possibility to come together and share the joy of football.  

We apologise for not being able to give more exact information at this stage and we promise to manage the trust you have shown us in this extraordinary situation.

Refunds of registration and accommodation/participant costs

All teams can cancel their participation with a full refund of registration fee until 2021-05-10. The accommodation cost/participant fee can be fully refunded until 2021-06-10.

What happens if Gothia Cup 2021 is cancelled?

If Gothia Cup 2021 is cancelled, all registered teams will get a full refund of both the registration and accommodation cost/participation fees.



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