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“It’s challenging but a lot of fun”

For Lisa Löwing there’s never been weird playing with the boys’ team. They’re her friends and she’s one in the gang. For five years she have been part of the Torslanda IK team that plays in this year’s Boys 15 category. “It’s a lot of fun, but challenging. The tempo is higher than when you play with the girls”, she says.

She fell in love with football when she was very young and felt that the girls she started playing with didn’t quite share her passion for the game. Which led her to begin playing with the boys’ team at Torslanda IK when she was nine years old.

“I wanted to play with people who loved the game as much as I did and I didn’t really feel that when I played with the girls’ team. That’s why I started playing with the boys instead”, she says.

Since then she have been playing with the boys’ team and have become a member of the gang, which never were a problem. Because Lisa and most of the other players have known each other since they started school. Lisa explains that when she started in the team the physical conditions were about the same between her and the boys. But as they have grown up the difference are increasing, which she adapts to.

“Now the boys are starting to get better physically. Stronger and faster. Which makes it necessary to get better reading the game”, says Lisa.

Lisa also explains how there’s no problem playing against the boys. At least most of the time. Sometimes opposition players can act badly. She thinks that some opposition players thinks it’s embarrassing to lose against a team where a girl is playing and takes it out on her.

“Of course it’s sad, but I don’t care about it. It doesn’t affect me”, she says.

The future looks bright for Lisa. As a 14-year old she’s already been part of the senior Women’s team at Torslanda IK, but decided that she would continue playing with the boys’ team instead as she thinks that’s more fun. She have also been invited to the Swedish football association’s development camp where the most talented players from Sweden’s several districts participates. Alongside the boys in Torslanda IK she have also accomplished impressive results, and this year’s Gothia Cup were no different. Reaching the Last 16 where they were knocked out on penalties against BK Astrio.  



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