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Jef United Chiba wants the trophy to stay in Japan

Last year Japanese team Tokyo Verdy won the Gothia Puma Trophy. This year Jef United Chiba wants to do the same and make sure the trophy stays in Japan.

The tournament started in best possible way for the Japanese team. They won against the Swedish team Eskilstuna United by 9–0. In the second game things were a bit tougher, but the 17 year old girls in Jef United Chiba could celebrate another victory (3–1 against Finnish team Pellokerho Keski-Uusimaa).

Despite the two wins, the captain Marin Kai isn’t satisfied.

“I think we can be better than this”, she says.

To play Gothia Puma Trophy is something that brings a lot of happiness and joy to the team. They really enjoy the visit in Gothenburg.

“Yes, very much. The crowd around the pitch and the environment is great. Actually we like everything here and I’m pretty excited to be here”, says Kai.

The team belongs to group number 4 in the invitational tournament Gothia Puma Trophy. Last year another Japanese team, Tokyo Verdy, won the tournament. Now Jef United Chiba wants to do the same, to keep the trophy home in Japan.

“Yes, we would love that. We want to show that football in Japan is great.”



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