"Knowing that I have contributed to the big event that the visitors are here for is one of the best things about my mission"

The official Hanna Godhe loves to contribute to the big party that Gothia Cup is.

What would the Gothia Cup be without all the hard working and loyal officials? Not much, of course. Hanna Godhe from Gothenburg is one of the important officials.
– Knowing that I have personally contributed to the big event that the visitors are here to experience is one of the best things about my mission, says the 21-year-old.

She has worked as a manager in the GB tent at Heden during both the Gothia Cup and the Partille Cup.
– This was my second year in charge of the GB tent. In my assignment, I take care of the inventory and ordering of goods and am responsible for the officials who work with me in the GB tent. Of course, there is also a lot of service and sales when we have contact with customers and other visitors who are there to experience the cups, says Hanna Godhe and continues:
– As I work full days, the days are long and there can be a lot to do, but then you have to help and support each other. I have learned a lot over the years and it is good work experience.

She has many nice memories from working during the Gothia Cup.
– The cohesion that we officials get is one of the reasons I have come back all these years. As there is a good atmosphere in the group, it leads to a good community and good cooperation. It's difficult to point out a specific event as especially fun, but I see the whole assignment as an educational and fun experience, says the 21-year-old.

On weekdays, she studies to become a teacher at the University of Gothenburg. She also likes to exercise on her own.
– I have had an interest in animals, especially horses, for a long time and I've been riding for several years. On weekends and evenings, I work extra as a riding instructor and operations manager on a farm, says Hanna Godhe.

She has not yet decided whether she will be an official again next summer, but it's not impossible at all that she will return! Hanna and the other officials are invaluable to the tournament.

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