Gothia Cup

Last rehearsals before Opening Ceremony

One day to go. The Gothia Cup Opening Ceremony is just around the corner. Tomorrow night 50 000 people will fill the stands at Ullevi and together celebrate the start of this year’s tournament. For the performers today is the time for some last-minute preparations.

Arriving at the stadium you’re straight away struck with the sound of drums. The noise from the rhythms of base drums and snares are echoing around the stands. Rehearsing at the stage on the middle of the pitch is Koola Kaggar, a percussion ensemble in Härryda Culture School.

Two of those beating their drums at the opening ceremony tomorrow are Amanda Alverkrans and Albin Cleave, and they are both looking forward to their performance.

“It will be a lot of fun”, says Albin Cleave.

When asked if he’s nervous he quickly replies.

“Not as much as I thought I would be actually”.

Amanda Alverkrans och Albin Cleave.

For Amanda Alverkrans it’s the first time she’s ever been to the opening ceremony, and to perform in front of such a large audience is not a bad way to experience her first time. Alongside her a line-up of hundreds of dancers, several musicians, solo-artists, and the players and leaders representing their nations on the pitch and in the stands will make it a night to remember.

“I’m very excited. When we heard around 50 000 people will be here you realize what a big event it is”, says Amanda Alverkrans.

This year’s opening ceremony will have the theme of the four elements. When Amanda, Albin and the rest of the group performs it will be during the representation of earth.

“Our performance shall symbolize the force of the earth. Like an earthquake, the stadium should be rocking”, says Amanda.