Gothia Cup

Legacy Academy from Kenya loves to play in Alingsås

The B11 team Legacy Academy from Kenya has won three straight matches at Mjörnvallen.

Legacy Academy has loved every minute they spent in Alingsås.
– Alingsås as a town is superb and so are the people and the infrastructure, says coach Laurence Suji.

They cannot stress enough how much they have enjoyed living in Alingsås.
– It was convenient for us in terms of time and distance from our accommodation to the pitch. All our group stage matches were played at Mjörnvallen, which meant that it took less time for us to get to the pitch. Mjörnvallen has been our home for the last three games and we have nothing but praise for the management at the pitches and the very good pitches, says Lawrence Suji.
The Kenyans also want to pay tribute to the infrastructure.
– Everything from the trains that go all the way to Gothenburg to the buses that go in and around the city. The Gothia Line has also really come in handy for us.

Legacy Academy has won their matches 2-1, 20-0 and 5-0. Overall 27-1 in goal difference.
– We have made very good performances. We've won everything so far and now we're in the A-playoffs. We'll see what happens from here, says the coach.
He thinks that the players in the team are talented and that they have a chance to go far in Gothia Cup 2023.
– We take one game at a time, but hopefully we can reach the final, says Lawrence Suji.

Legacy Academy had high expectations for the tournament and so far the Gothia Cup has fulfilled all their expectations.
– Gothia Cup has been a very, very good experience for us. It's a completely different thing than what we're used to and really good for us to experience as a team. The whole Gothia Cup is great, says the coach.

At 12.20, the Italian team Pozzuolo Calcio awaits in the round of 16 at Kviberg 4.