Gothia Cup

Magnet Youth Sports Academy bring dancing to the pitch

The Tanzanian team carry their speaker with them everywhere to build up the passion in the team.

For Magnet Youth Sports Academy, listening to music and dancing together is an important part of their warm-up, as the club is looking to make an impression on the pitch. 

Magnet has brought two teams, B14 and B16, and the two teams have prepared extensively ahead of arriving at the tournament. The Tanzanian side had a long way to travel to Gothia Cup, and they made sure to get ready for what is ahead.
– The coach worked on our endurance, because in Dar es Salaam it’s a different type of weather, so we were also aware that we were going to come here to different weather, a new challenge, says Aryan Suchak, 14 years old.

The weather is not the only thing that they have been looking at.
– First, we practiced on the basics, then we went over tactics and what we’re going to do in the game in different variations, Aryan continues.

The club has taken part in Gothia Cup in previous years. Last year they went out in the round of 16 and one year they got as far as the quarter-finals. Something that they have worked on improving is the chemistry in the team, and making sure that they have a consistent squad of players that have played together from before. The goal is to win the trophy.
– We came here to work hard and we know how much it takes, we know that we are going to have to work really hard, says Aryan.

As a captain, it is important to motivate the teammates, something which Justice Kombo, 16 years old, is well aware of. He says that music is a good way to spark some inspiration amongst the players, and they have specific songs that immediately get the whole team dancing.
– We come here, playing music with the speaker to motivate, to build up the passion in the team, says Justice.