Maj FC wards off Kärra Dragons - Gothia Cup
Gothia Cup

Maj FC wards off Kärra Dragons

An intense well-played game between two Swedish teams ended with Maj FC holding on to their lead and winning the trophy.

Boys 15
Maj FC - Kärra Dragons 3-1 (3-1)

All four goals came in the first 20 minutes of this exciting game. Maj FC from Sollentuna opened the scoring in the second minute on a penalty kick.

It was a high-paced game between two good teams. Kärra evened the score to 1-1 before Maj FC scored two times in quick succession and then never relinquished their lead. There were few chances for either team in the second half, Kärra Dragons had a nice shot that was saved by the Maj FC goalkeeper. But Maj FC held on and their win was never really in doubt.

MVP of the game: Neo Jönsson, Maj FC



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