Gothia Cup

Minerva Academy FC made history as the first-ever Indian team to win Gothia Cup

The B13 final between Indian Minerva Academy FC and Brazilian Ordin FC was a thrilling and fast-paced that ended in Indian triumph.

Within seconds of the referee's whistle signaling the kickoff, the Indians had broken through the Brazilian defense and scored the opening goal. They repeated the feat shortly after, making it 2-0 within five minutes.

The Brazilians quickly regained their composure and scored a beautiful goal to reduce the deficit. The rest of the first half was evenly matched, but with another goal, Minerva Academy FC went into halftime with a 3-1 lead.

Throughout the entire second half, Minerva Academy successfully kept the Brazilians at bay, sealing their place as the first Indian Gothia Cup champions ever.
– This is a significant day for Indian football. We have worked hard for months for this, said the team's goalkeeper, Yoihenba Khwairakpam.

As the final minutes of the match approached, Khwairakpam realized the magnitude of their impending achievement. When the final whistle blew at the SKF Arena, it was difficult to hold back tears, according to the goalkeeper.

– It's very emotional, especially because we have such strong support from our fans in the stands, cheering for us and our country. It feels tremendous to represent India by winning the Gothia Cup. I believe everyone who supported us throughout this journey is as proud of us as we are of them, he concluded.