Gothia Cup

New Gothia Cup year and we've passed 1200 teams

We have entered a new year and the next long-awaited edition of the Gothia Cup awaits in the summer.

The registrations for the world's largest youth football tournament continue to come in and we hope to pass 1300 registered teams soon.

The Gothia Cup 2022 was very successful in every way. Many were happy to be able to come back to Gothenburg and play the tournament. 1603 teams from a total of 59 countries participated. Now we have left the year 2022 behind us and entered 2023, which we look forward to a lot. Since the registration for the Gothia Cup 2023 opened in September, we have noticed a very large interest in this summer's tournament. We now have almost 1250 registered teams and have hopes of being able to pass 1300 registered teams later this month. The entire organization is looking forward to this year's tournament and we know that there are many players and leaders out there that also are excited.

Haven't you registered your team yet? Then you can take the opportunity to do it HERE. The deadline for registration is April 10, but why wait until then?