Gothia Cup

Norrby IF took the gold after two magical goals

Norrby IF-San Francisco Deltas (2-1)

The B14 final between San Francisco Deltas from the USA and Swedish Norrby IF was an escalating story. Two teams that had been dominant throughout the tournament were now battling for the gold at the SKF Arena.

It was evident that the day of the big "D" had arrived; both teams played a cautious but organized football during the entire first half. There were no significant goal-scoring opportunities for either side, as both teams had focused on their defensive play. When the referee blew the whistle for halftime, the score was 0-0, a result that both teams were probably content with.

As the second half began, it was as if two new teams had taken the field at SKF Arena. In the very first minute of the second half, the deadlock was broken. San Francisco Deltas celebrated after a fine attack along the wing. Norrby would equalize six minutes later with a perfectly bounced cross to an unmarked player who coolly put the ball into the net.

It would be a few more minutes before another goal was scored. Norrby used the energy from the 1-1 equalizer to build on their game, but this time, it was not a team play that gave them the lead. A cannon shot from approximately forty meters sailed into the Deltas' goal. The goal was scored by Oliver Molander Adevåg, who was later named the best player of the match.

-It is an absolutely wonderful feeling. To get the chance with this team and finally win it all is truly magical, said the match hero, Oliver Molander Adevåg.

He continued,

-The comeback would not have been possible without the team, the group we are, and how we come together. They made the whole thing possible, said Oliver.