Gothia Cup

Norrby IF won the B11 after tight game

Norrby IF-Academia Sebastian Roco B11 (1-0)

Swedish team Norrby IF emerged as the winners against Academia Sebastian Roco from Chile. It was a match that had everything.

There was a festive atmosphere at the Puma Arena, with supporters from both Norrby and Sebastian Roco turning up for their teams. The Chilean fans set the tone for the match, which had a bit of everything.

Both teams had performed exceptionally well throughout the entire tournament, and it showed in the quality of play. Neither team could afford any mistakes, which became evident right from the start of the match. Two very cautious teams gradually got more into the game as it progressed. It seemed like the match would head to penalties for a long time, but in the final minute of the game, Dzejlan Selimovic stepped up and decided the outcome.

The standout player of the match was the talented goalkeeper Holger Hovbom, who made a series of match-deciding saves.

-It was a tough match, the other team was very skilled, but we did what we're good at. In the end, we came out on top, and I'm so happy to be a part of this; it is been a super fun journey, said the standout player of the match, Holger Hovbom.