Gothia Cup

Team Odense Q scored six great goals and won: "I feel very good"

Team Odense Q from Denmark turned the game around and won.

Team Odense Q is playing awesome in the Gothia Puma Trophy. They turned the game against Bayer Leverkusen around and won with sex goals to three.
– I feel very good, says Ea Cronhammar, who scored two goals in the victory.

The game between the Danish side Team Odense Q and Bayer Leverkusen from Germany at Heden was very entertaining. The match was tied at half time. Bayer Leverkusen scored to make it 3-2 in the beginning of the second half. Then Team Odense Q made a great comeback and scored four straight goals. Ea Cronhammar scored two times during the last minutes.
– It feels really, really good to win. Now we have won two games, so it’s very good. It was a great feeling to score two goals, says the Danish teenager.
Bayer Leverkusen wasn’t easy to defeat.
– We felt stressed in the middle of the game, but we won at the end. It was great that we could turn the game around and win. We were quite good in the end of the game. We’re very happy, says Ea Cronhammar.
She’s here for the first time.
– It’s a very good tournament. It’s special to see so many players from different countries, I have never tried it before. We should have played in the Gothia Cup the last two years, but it was cancelled due to the corona virus.

She has high hopes for the rest of the week in Gothenburg.
– Maybe we can win the tournament. It goes well right now, so I think we have the chance.
The team has several strengths.
– Our communication is one of our strengths. We’re very social and we’re all good friends, that makes us a good team.
Ea Cronhammar is down to earth and she doesn’t know right now if she wants to become a professional footballer in the future.
– I’m going to a gymnasium, so I take it as it goes. I play mostly for fun. It feels good to play now. I hope I will score more goals in the Gothia Cup.
The Danish girls will have fun here - and hopefully win more matches.
– We want to continue like this and score more goals. We also want to score more goals in the start of the games, so we don’t get stressed during the games.