Gothia Cup

40000 celebrated the Opening ceremony for the first time since the pandemic

42126 got to experience the first opening ceremony in three years.

Gothia Cup’s back – and what a comeback it was.
Song, dance, and colourful track suits from all the world took over Ullevi during an opening ceremony that blasted through the night.
– It’s an indescribable feeling to finally enjoy all these youth’s enthusiasm and energy again, says Dennis Andersson, General Secretary for Gothia Cup.

The wait has been long for the football youths of the world, after two cancelled tournaments due to the pandemic. After a joyous day around Gothenburg, where matches have been played since eight in the morning, the first day of the tournament culminated with the opening ceremony at Ullevi Stadium and an explosion of joy.
– Goosebumps. It has been such an emptiness during these three years and now, to welcome the whole world to Gothenburg, and to have an opportunity to take part in all the joy, expectations and the belief in the future that these youths possess, it’s incredible, says Dennis Andersson. 

This Olympic-like national parade, where youths represented their countries dressed in the colours of their flags and, for the countries, specific clothing, with pride, raised cheers all over the stands. Greatest ovations – and most love – was received by the Ukrainian teams.
– I get a warm sensation in my whole body to see all the love that’s being spread on a night like this. Gothia Cup is about letting youths meet and to let them show that football is an amazing sport that unites, says Dennis Andersson.

Even Gothia Cups fair play-project Celebrate the Game marked the opening ceremony. In the spirit of Celebrate the Game, these messages were lifted: this is youth football, the referees are human, the coaches are volunteers, and this is only a game.
– To create a positive environment on and off our football fields, everyone that’s involved needs to help and show respect to one another: players and coaches alike, referees and parents. It’s nothing that can be written in a rule book, it’s about human behaviour and humans understanding for each other, says Dennis Andersson. 

The General Secretary hopes, despite all the focus in and around football during the Gothia Cup-week, that people will uncover so much more than the things that evolves around football.
– Gothia Cup’s a meeting place that creates friendships, culture exchange, memories and relationships that lasts a lifetime. It’s an intensive week that affects the life of many. We hope that all youths that have been longing for Gothia Cup for three years, will get an unforgettable experience – that they will carry the memories from this tournament to tell their children, and their grandchildren, when they become older, says Dennis Andersson.

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