Gothia Cup

“Our passion for football connects us”

Celebrate the Game is a fair play project that Gothia Cup runs together with our partner Länsförsäkringar, to create a better environment and a better climate for everyone, on and off the pitch.

Playing football is about more than the result on the scoreboard. It’s about treating each other with respect and kindness, which is what fair play is all about. 
The way that people are treated extends to everyone, teammates as well as opponents. German team SSV Rhade 1925 e.V. knows what fair play is about.
– It means that everyone enjoys the game in a fair way. We do not bully or scream at each other, just motivate our teammates, says Nele Wellman, 15 years old.

Her teammate Marie Hartweg, 16 years old, agrees that it is important to acknowledge different aspects of the game.
– I think it’s very important to have a lot of fun, says Marie.

The players, both playing in the G17 team, recognise that it is important to be nice to each other, whether it is during a training session or a match. Spending time with each other off the pitch is an important part of the experience too.
– It’s about enjoying the game. Every one of us has the same passion and that’s what connects us, says Nele.