Gothia Cup

Picks of the Day – Monday

Every day we will showcase a few extra interesting games. Here is our selection for Monday!

16.30, SKF Arena: Right to Dream (GH) – IFK Norrköping (SE), B17E.
That Right to Dream is back in Gothenburg is final proof that the Gothia Cup is really back! The crowd favorites face Swedish team IFK Norrköping, at SKF Arena – in prime time.

12.40, Kviberg 9 A: Special Olympics Finland (FI) – Special Olympics Uzbekistan Tashkent (UZ), GSOT.
GSOT is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Wherever GSOT games are played, it's probably the time during Gothia Cup where the joy is the most tangible and the players are the most cheerful. For the first time in history we have a special class for girls only. This is the first match played between female-only GSOT teams - don't miss it!

12.20, GPA (Grimbo) 1: Hisingsbacka FC (SE) – IL Heming (NO), B13.
Hisingsbacka (from Sweden) take on Norwegian team IL Heming, in group 24 for Boys 13. Hisingsbacka is practically playing on their home field on Hisingen island in this one. Since IL Heming is from Oslo we can call this a North Sea derby. (We admit this is a bit far-fetched.)

09.00, Heden 10 A: FC Legion (UA) – KFV Segeberg (DE), G12.
FC Legion from Ukraine is one of two Ukrainian teams in this years Gothia Cup. FC Legion play in Girls 12, Group 6. For their first game in the tournament they face German side KFV Segeberg. KFV Segeberg won the G12 class in 2019.

11.10, SKF Arena: LA United (US) – Streetball FC (CA), G14.
A North American derby where Los Angeles-based team LA United face off against Canadian side Streetball FC from Vancouver. One of the first North American clashes of the tournament, you don't want to miss this one!

13.20, Kviberg 4: Talemtus Callao (PE) – Örgryte IS (SE), G11.
Talemtus Callao from Peru play Swedish (and local) team Örgryte IS. Talemtus Callao is the only team from Peru in this years Gothia Cup. Peru is otherwise a well-known component of Gothia Cup with the team Cantolao being a crowd favorite historically.