Gothia Cup

Qviding FIF's G15 team made their debut in the Gothia Cup: "We all hope that we can participate again"

This year, Qviding FIF's 15-year-old girls played in the Gothia Cup for the very first time - and they really liked the experience.

The local club Qviding FIF's G15 team debuted in this year's Gothia Cup. And they went straight through the group stage to the A-playoffs.
– Our experience was really good, says player Linnea Brandt.

Linnea and her teammates played a strong group game in their first Gothia Cup. They won the group thanks to two wins and a draw. In the last group stage match, they beat back a German team with 16-0 at Kviberg. Linnea Brandt scored two of the goals in the match.
– We were absolutely not prepared to win a match by 16-0. But it was a bit fun, it was a slightly different match than usual, says Linnea Brandt.

In the playoffs, they were defeated by another Swedish team. Tranås FF was victorious, and won the tough battle with 1-0. But the Qviding FIF girls are not too disappointed after all.
– Our experience in the Gothia Cup was really good. It was a fun and quite tight group that we ended up in. It was also our first year in the Gothia Cup and I think that everyone in the team thought it was really cool. Everyone hopes that we will be able to participate again next year, says the talent, who is also good at handball (she plays for the big club IK Sävehof).
What was the best thing with the tournament?
– The best thing with the Gothia Cup was probably the matches, but the opening ceremony was also really cool to attend, says Linnea Brandt.

The coach Richard Klausen is impressed by the girls' performances during the week.
– They behaved very well! We won the group and was later eliminated by a team we dominated against, but unfortunately we had too many injuries in the squad to get a hold of them, he says.