Gothia Cup

Registration for Gothia Cup 2020 opens on Tuesday

Registration for Gothia Cup 2020 opens on Tuesday September 10th, 10 am (local time). The tournament will take place 12th–18th of July. Some of our categories normally get fully booked quickly, so make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the world’s largest youth tournament.

Many teams waits eagerly in order to secure their place in the worlds largest youth tournament. It’s especially important for the local teams that want to be a part of Gothia Cup to be ready as soon as the registration open. The quota for local teams that reside at home during the tournament filled up in only 12 minutes last year. But it’s not only local teams that are fast out, already when the registration had been open for four hours last year over 400 teams hade registered. There is no reason to wait with the registration – be ready on Tuesday morning. 

As we’ve informed before, new for next year is an open category for G17/B17, beside the invitational category, Gothia Puma Trophy. We hope many teams will register for these categories. 

Make sure to pay the registration fee as soon as possible after the registration has been confirmed. It’s when the fee is paid that the place in the tournament is secured. 

Be ready on Tuesday and we’ll see you in July next year!

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