Gothia Cup

Samra Muhic scored the winning goal for Arna-Björnar in the G16 final

Lilleström SK - Arna-Björnar 1-2 (1-1)

The Norwegian teams Lilleström SK and Arna-Björnar played against each other in the G16 final. Arna-Björnar won with 2-1 after a game winning goal by Samra Muhic.
– It just feels so great right now. I have a fantastic feeling, says the hero.

Lilleström SK took the lead after a goal by Andrea Davidsen after 20 minutes. Then Arna-Björnar came back and the player Linnea Sælen scored to make it 1-1 just two minutes later. The final was exciting and it was hard to decide a winner. Then, number two in Arna-Björnar, Samra Muhic, scored a great goal in the 48th minute. That goal made Arna-Björnar G15 champions of the Gothia Cup.
– It was really great to score the winning goal. I have a fantastic feeling. Now we will celebrate with audience. We will see what happens later, says the very happy hero Samra Muhic.