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SEF Trophy: Brommapojkarna with another big win

BK Häcken had most of the play. IF Brommapojkarna scored most of the goals – and as you all know it’s the goals that counts. IF Brommapojkarna is the champions of the invitational tournament SEF Trophy (B15).

BK Häcken had most of the chances in the first half. Despite that IF Brommapojkarna would get to score the first goal.

It was in the 15th minute when Elliot von Walden in Brommapojkarna advanced forward and into Häcken’s penalty area. From there he could easily scored 1–0 for BP.

BK Häcken kept creating good chances, but it didn’t go their way. Yussuf Hassan Nuur did a great job in the midfield, and was the creator of many attacks.

Instead of a reduce from Häcken Brommapojkarna would enlarge their lead. Goalscorer for the 2–0 goal was Jardell Kanga. And with six minutes left to play Brommapojkarna’s goalkeeper kicked out the ball very far, and it became an assist to the fast forward Adam Akimey who ran away from the defenders and scored.

Another big win for IF Brommapojkarna during Gothia Cup. This time in SEF Trophy.

“It feels great to win this tournament. We are the first team from Brommapojkarna that does that, so that’s very fun”, says Brommapojkarna’s player Wilmer Odefalk.

Why do you win this final?

“We work really hard for each other and runs a lot for each other. Also we’re performing very well out on the pitch.”

Wilmer Odefalk received the MVP award after the game, something that made him really proud.

“It feels great getting this award as the best player in the final. I work hard for my team and makes a lot of smart passes. It’s great receiving this and it feels like people see that I’m a good player.”


0–1 Elliot van Walden, 0–2 Jardell Kanga, 0–3 Adam Akimey
MVP: Wilmer Odefalk



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