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SKF Canada coasting to semi-finals

The girls in SKF Canada have comfortably gone through to the semi-final, beating their southern neighbours NSA from the US. “Canadians and Americans are very competitive so it felt good to beat them”, says Isabel, one of the players.

As with all teams that qualified through SKF’s Meet The World program, SKF Canada went through a pre-tournament to get here. Taking on strong Canadian opposition. By winning the tournament they secured their tickets to this year’s Gothia Cup and Isabel talks about the feeling.

“It felt very good. Especially since we were competing against teams that were one year older than us. We were not expected to win”, she says.

But win they did, and they have continued to do so here in Gothenburg. Winning all their games so far. When watching them they seem like a complete team, both good defensively and offensively.

“We are playing with fierce. We don’t take our foot of the pedal and just keep going” says Isabel.

Their results on the pitch tells a story in itself. But Gothia Cup is just as much about what’s happening off the pitch, and Isabel explains how they were all very excited when it was made clear that they were going to Gothenburg to play the tournament.

“We knew it would be really fun to go here, and it has been. For most of the girls in the team this is the first time they’ve travelled to Europe and it’s a great experience. People from all over the world is here together and it’s a lot of fun to meet everyone”, she says.

Now they’re one step away from the final, and the target is clear. They want the trophy.

“Our aim now is to win it. It would be very cool to be able to do so”, says Isabel.  



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