Gothia Cup

SKF Initiative Meet the World creates lifelong memories

Meet the World with SKF invites young people from around the globe to an unforgettable football experience during Gothia Cup.

Gothia Cup is not only the world's largest youth football tournament - it's also a platform that creates magical encounters between young people from different parts of the world. Thanks to SKF's initiative Meet the World, winning teams from domestic qualifying tournaments around the globe get the opportunity to participate in Gothia Cup and experience a week filled with football joy and camaraderie.

During the 2023 tournament, 20 winning teams came together for an exciting football street party to kickstart the week outside the school where all the SKF teams were accommodated. Through dance, songs, and especially twenty footballs, language barriers were quickly overcome.

André Rodrigues, the leader of this year's winning Portuguese team, expressed his joy in being part of such a gathering of talented teams and wonderful people, representing their country.

SKF's Chief Technology Officer, Annika Ölme, expressed her pride in the project and the importance of providing young football players the chance to participate in such a global football celebration.
– It feels fantastic to offer young boys and girls who play football a chance like this. Above all, this initiative is about reducing inequality and bringing people closer together. Moreover, they have a great time during the week; there is an incredible energy here, she says.

Zhou Meiyan, a player from the winning Chinese team, summed up the event briefly but effectively.
– It's amazing to come here and meet fantastic people from all over the world who also play football, he says.

Meet the World has created an experience where children and youth can meet, share the joy of football, and create memories for life. Throughout the week, they have the chance to learn more about each other and the world while engaging in their beloved sport.