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Stunning goal when Minnesota secured the victory in Gothia Puma Trophy

An excellent goal from Alison Fine and a perfect display of good defense led to victory in Gothia Puma trophy for Minnesota Thunder Acadamy. Fines goal was an absolute stunner. ”When I saw the ball hit the back of the net I got a cold rush in my body”, she says.

After a first half where both teams showed up good defense skills which minimized the number of chances, Alison Fine decided to break the dead look in the beginning of the second half. The goal keeper in NorCal didn’t stand a chance when Fine took a shot from long distance.

”When the ball was coming out I just ran as hard as I could and as soon as I hit the ball I was very confident about the contact I had”. When the ball curved and went in it was an indescribable feeling”, Alison Fine says.

Minnesota had a tough semifinal yesterday against Jef United Chiba and managed to get the win by 2-1. That was the first, and only, goal they conceded during the whole tournament. Todays match another display of solid defense.

”Our goalie Chloe (Olson) has been unbelievable in this tournament. And our defenders really stick together and are insane together and they really have great chemistry in the field”, Alison Fine says.

NorCal played their third final in a row in Puma Trophy. They won two years ago but lost last years final. Minnesota faced a strong side with great previous results in Puma Trophy. But Fine and the her team had good nerves coming in to the match

”We really felt confident and believed in our abilities and we where able to deliver on the field today”, she says.

Describe your feelings right now.
”It’s unbelievable, I still have goos bumps”, she says.

In the end it was a comfortable 4-0 win for Minnesota but behind the score sheet there was drama. Five minutes after Fines goal NorCals Michaela Rosenbaum had a golden opportunity to level the match when she suddenly was all alone in front of the goal. But Chloe Olson made a huge save. And only a minute later Khyah Harper scored Minnesotas second goal when she produced a strong run between NorCals defender and placed the ball in the net. Minnesotas head coach Danny Storlien agrees that it was much closer than the result says.

”If they had scored that one that could have change everything. After our second goal we could get a little more comfortable”, he says.

With five minutes to go Khyah Harper scored her second goal of the match, similar to her first one and in the very last seconds Isabella Grandois made the score 4-0.

NorCal Premier PDP – Minnesota Thunder Acadamy

0-1 Alison Fine
0-2 Khyah Harper
0-3 Khyah Harper 
0-4 Isabella Grandois
Yellow cards: –
Red cards: –
MVP: Isabella Grandois (Minnesota Thunder Academy)



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