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Swedish bronze heroes at Gothia Cup

Heden got a celebrity visit on Wednesday by Elin Rubensson and Julia Roddar from the Swedish national team. The two players was challenged in different ways and met fans for autographs and pictures.

They won the World Cup bronze medal with Sweden this summer in France. Now they are back in Gothenburg and took place in the Toca tent on Heden on Wednesday by lunch. Both of them really enjoy the visit at Gothia Cup and remember when they used to play it as youths.

“It’s like a big festival with all these people here. I’ve played this tournament myself when I was younger and the thing I remember is that I thought this was the best tournament to play”, says Julia Roddar.

Elin Rubensson adds:

“I think it’s awesome to see all the different nationalities here. Like Julia said it’s a big festival and even though we don’t play it ourselves anymore it’s lovely to just walk around and watch all these future star players.”

Even though the Gothia Cup is a highlight of the summer, this summer will be remembered for something else for Elin and Julia. Not to long ago the Swedish national team won the bronze medal at World Cup in France.

“That was so cool. While there we were in a bubble and didn’t really understand how big it was home in Sweden. We didn’t understand that until we were celebrated at Götaplatsen here in Gothenburg. That was something special”, Rubensson says.

What’s your best advice for the young girls here at Gothia Cup?

“The best advice we have is to have fun. Also to enjoy playing this lovely tournament and meet all these players from other countries. But having fun will always be the most important thing.”



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