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Tell us your best Fair Play story

Fair play is an important part of football and our Fair Play project Celebrate the Game was created to improve the environment for everyone, both on and off the pitches. Submit your best Fair Play story and have the chance to win a nice prize.

Together, and side by side, players, leaders, parents, referees and supporters can create a positive, fair, supportive and kind environment during a match. Fair Play can express itself in many different ways – by helping out a hurt opponent on the pitch, shake hands with the referees after the game or supporting teams and players from the side with encouragement and not with instructions. That is just a few examples of Fair Play, we’re sure you’ve experienced many moments of Fair Play, both during Gothia Cup or in other tournaments or games. Now we want to hear your all time best Fair Play story. Submit your story and have the chance to win a nice prize – two complete match kits with numbers on the back. 
One match kit contains ten blue shirts with blue shorts and blue socks.
And the other one contains ten orange shirts with black shorts and orange socks. Two complete goalkeeper match kits are also included. The shirts, shorts and socks are all green in those two kits.

Click here and tell your story in the comments to the Facebook post or send it to us via Facebook DM. You can also find this post in our Instagram feed, where you also can post in the comments or via DM. 
It’s also possible to send an email with your story, send it to [email protected]

Good luck!



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