Gothia Cup

Thai Spirit FC will return: “Our last visit to Sweden even attracted Bangkok City tv coverage”

Thai Spirit FC will be back in Gothenburg with two teams next summer.

Thai Spirit FC participated in the Gothia Cup 2019. Next year, the club from Bangkok will come back to Gothenburg with two teams.
– The Gothia Cup is not solely about football competition, but also opportunities for our members to learn from different cultures and values, says the leader Lek Monrudee.

They think that they received great hospitality at the Gothia Cup 2019 and really enjoyed the whole competition system.
– It really inspired our team to work hard and progress further in the following years. Our younger youth members were impressed by the international experience regarding sportsmanship, ambiance and people. We received generous hospitality and encouragement from both Swedish and the Swedish Thai people currently living in Sweden, says Lek Monrudee.
They see the Gothia Cup as an international tournament that provides opportunities for young people, including underprivileged ones, to experience global harmony through sport and learn so much from all others.
– We are a youth club with members from all social groups under our supervision with respect to Ajarn Sumet, who intends to expand the youths’ experience at an international level. We really see the Gothia Cup as a great opportunity for young people to show their talents to the world and get lifelong experiences and friendships. Our last visit to Sweden even attracted Bangkok City tv coverage upon our return and this can be seen on Youtube, says the leader.

The Gothia Cup is not only about football. It’s as much about friendship and to get to know people and teams from other countries and cultures.
– For instance, the opening ceremony parade consisted of disparate nations encouraging youth members to interact and initiate friendships. With the world-class organisation, we felt it gave the security and convenience of accommodation, food and longer traveling experience. The club, youth members and parents are very grateful and happy with such an opportunity, says Lek Monrudee.
Lek continues:
– The Gothia Cup aims to improve young talents, introducing great access for youths across the globe to engage and form purposeful interactions through football. To make young people be passionate and understand sportsmanship, that it is not only about victory but life-time experiences.

They are delighted to get the chance to come back to Gothenburg.
– We are confident that we will bring the Thai spirit of warmth and harmony and to be cooperative in every aspect possible for the sake of this competition. Our team is well-prepared and ready to show our skills and sportsmanship with smiles and grace. Moreover, we will use this experience to continue to improve the experiences for our youth members now and in the future, says the leader.
Thai Spirit FC is a community football club for all juniors from age five to 18 and is located in a suburb of Bangkok.
– Our set up offers a safe and convenient facility where young people of all abilities and social standing can come together to enjoy a shared love of sport. You may know that Thailand is a sporting country and very “football crazy” and has many professional teams plus very many semi and non-professional clubs. We are passionate supporters and there is a constantly growing number of people playing regularly at all levels.

They are a non-profit club, relying on local sponsorship and the generosity of their founders.
– Our club numbers grow every year. Our training nights are always fully attended and our various age group matches are well attended and we believe we’re competitive in all we do. We’re proud of what we do and believe that we play a part in not only giving opportunities to play football but also in teaching for example sportsmanship and attitude for life, not just in sports, says Lek Monrudee.

See you next summer, Thai Spirit FC!

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