Gothia Cup

Thailand’s All Star United wins best opening ceremony outfit

First prize is 18 free participant slots in Gothia Cup 2023.

The only team from Thailand in this years Gothia Cup chose to wear traditional Thai costumes for the opening ceremony. They were rewarded with the prize for Best Costume and won 18 free participant slots for next years tournament.
– To come all the way from Thailand and win this prize feels fantastic, says manager Aisuny Kittinithanawint.

How did they come up with the idea?
– I thought about how what "Thailand" means and how we could best represent Thai culture, and from that I came up with the idea to use traditional outfits.

What did you think about the opening ceremony in general?
– The ceremony was beautiful. Every part of the ceremony had a message, which we really appreciated. To showcase Thai passion for football was a lot of fun.

How do you feel about being the only team from Thailand in this years tournament?
– I hope that by us being here at Gothia Cup, other Asian teams will be motivated to participate in the future. Gothia Cup is a fun experience after all.

What is your goal with this years tournament?
– Just like the other teams we're here to win. We don't know what the result will look like, but we're here to do our best. Now that we've won best outfit we feel even more motivated to perform well out on the football field.

So you're ready to play some football?
– We're ready. We were pumped yesterday, we're pumped today, we're pumped tomorrow, says Aisuny with a laugh.