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The American girls are playing for another gold medal

The American ladies won the World Cup this summer. With happy memories of that victory in France the 17 year old American girls in NorCal Premier PDP now enter the invitational tournament Gothia Puma Trophy hoping to reach the gold medal as well.

The first game for the American team was Monday afternoon. The Swedish team Djurgårdens IF were their opponents on Heden 3. After a tough and well played game the result was 2–2.

Cailin Bloom and Sophie Vargas in NorCal thought their team was doing well in the first game.

“It was exciting and a lot of nerves. Some of our players were here for the first time. I think some people in our team was a little nervous and didn’t know exactly what to expect. But I think we did a good job coming out and having a good mind set during the whole game”, says Sophie Vargas.

It was a long flight to Gothenburg, but the travel was without any problem.

“It was just fun and the jetlag was not a big problem. We had Sunday to adjust that before the first game”, says Cailin Bloom.

The summer has been nothing but football. Before going to Gothia Cup and Gothenburg they watched the American national team win the FIFA World Cup in France. An impressive achievement that gives the girls in NorCal extra energy and inspiration for their games in Gothia Puma Trophy, says Vargas.

“Definitely a lot of inspiration. It also puts a little pressure on us actually. People knows that we’re from America.”

What do you think about your chances in this tournament?

“I think we have a high chance. We have watched our opponents and as long as we play like we should we could win this”, says Bloom.



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