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The boys from Dundalk turned a disappointing situation into something positive

When Covid hit and Gothia Cup got cancelled, the team Dundalk Schoolboys decided to donate the money they raised for the trip to Gothenburg to a local charity that were greatly affected by the pandemic. Now, Brian and his players are planning the trip to Gothenburg to participate in Gothia Cup 2022.

The boys from Dundalk, Ireland were registered for Gothia Cup 2021 and when the tournament got cancelled they donated the money they raised for the tournament to a day care center for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease or Alzheimer's Dementia. The Birches Alzheimer Day Care Center is mostly funded by donations from local fund raising. During the pandemic these fund raising events has been cancelled, therefore the center has suffered from the lack of funding. The donation was very welcomed by the staff at "The Birches".

We decided as a group that the money raised was more valuable to a local charity. The charity we chose "The Birches" had been greatly affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic and we hope we helped them get back on track. It was also a charity close to many of us on the team so it really was a pleasure to help them. - says, Daniel Shields, player

Daniel also says that it won't be to difficult to raise money for the trip next summer. The team are sure that their local community will support the team as they always do. The team will again be arranging fundraising events and as soon as the Covid restrictions are lifted the team will be bag-packing at the local supermarket again. The team will also hold a Table Quiz in May to cover the costs of their new tracksuits.

For the coach, Brian Mc Guinness, next summer will be the 11th time he travels to Gothia Cup with a team. His teams has played against teams from 16 different nations in the past and he is looking forward to participate again.

After every year, I say to myself that this was the last one, but when I see the next tournament advertisement I always want to return. Gothenburg is a special city, and the Gothia Cup is a special tournament and I love giving youth players from Dundalk the opportunity to experience both. It is something the players will never forget, the opportunity of competing against teams from all over the world and witnessing the many different cultures. - says Brian Mc Guinness, coach

Daniel Shields, Stephen McCormack and Ciaran Walsh, players.

Most of the boys from the team who were going to participate in 2021 will not be able to attend Gothia Cup 2022, but three of them will. Daniel Shields and Ciaran Walsh will attend as players and Stephen McCormack will help Brian as assistant coach. The three players look forward to finally be able to participate in Gothia Cup.

First of all, I am excited to play in one of the worlds most prestigious tournaments and also to visit Sweden which Brian has told me so many great things about. I am also extremely grateful for the chance to represent my town at a tournament. I am sure we will enjoy the experience and I hope we can be competitive in the competition - Daniel Shields, player



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