The first edition of Gothia Cup Cancún will be held in January 2023 - Gothia Cup
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The first edition of Gothia Cup Cancún will be held in January 2023

The very first edition of Gothia Cups new tournament, Gothia Cup Cancún in Mexico will be held January 3rd-8th, 2023. The registration is already open at Gothia Cup Cancún's website.

The Gothia Cup mission – to create a meeting place for youths to increase knowledge and understanding of each other - has set a long-term goal of expanding the tournament to all continents. Now, it's finally time for the tournament in Mexico.

Mexico is a genuine football country, and it feels extra fun to be able to implement the new tournament now, to be able give the youths hope and faith about the future again, after such a long lock down due to the pandemic. - Dennis Andersson, General Secretary at Gothia Cup

On January 3rd-8th it is finally time for the first edition of Gothia Cup Cancún. The tournament is open for girls and boys, 11-16 years old and all teams will stay at the same hotel, the Grand Oasis in Cancún. This first year will be a kind of pilot tournament, it will mostly be North and South American teams participating. In the long run, our hope is that teams from all over the world will participate in Gothia Cup Cancún. Read more about the tournament at Gothia Cup Cancúns website, where you also find the registration form to the first edition.

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