Gothia Cup

The French team helped out to clean Heden

Just For Foot Academy from France have players and coaches with big hearts.

The French B13 side from Just For Foot Academy is a team full of heroes. They helped out to clean Heden on Friday.
– We do it for the environment and to say to the young players that it’s important to put their trash in the bin, says the coach Allassane Dosso.

They cleaned at Heden for a long time during the last day of the tournament.
– We’re here so the young players can clean and recycle. It’s important for us and for the people in the world. It’s normal behavior, says Allassane Dosso.
The players from the Just For Foot team are just twelve and thirteen years old. They want to set a good example.
– We encourage other people to do the same. We think everyone should do this. This is the next generation and they must have a good attitude, says the coach.

He tells us why they choose Heden as the place to clean.
– We’re at Heden because it’s the heart of the tournament and many people come here to see games and to eat, says Allassane Dosso.
They were in Gothenburg with one team and all players helped out.
– All our players take trash and put in bins. The players have a competition about who can collect most trash in a bin. Everyone wants to have a big bin and help out, he says.

Thank you, Just For Foot Academy!