Gothia Cup

Stureby FF won after penalties - now the coach must get a tattoo

Södra Sandby IF - Stureby FF 3-4 (1-1) after penalties

Stureby FF won the G17 final in the Gothia Cup after a nail-biter against Södra Sandby IF, also from Sweden. SFF won the game after a dramatic penalty shootout.
– Now our coach must get a tattoo, says the goalkeeper Freja Norinder.

Lisa Öhman gave Stureby FF the lead after 14 minutes. Klara Åström from Södra Sandby IF then scored an equalizer three minutes before half time. The game was tied at full time. The game went to penalties, there Stureby FF was the strongest team.

The goalkeeper Freja Norinder played a big part in the victory. She was very happy afterwards.
– I’m so glad that we won. I’ve waited for this a long time. Now we will celebrate with food, says Freja Norinder.
And their coach must get a tattoo after a bet with the team.
– He will make a tattoo with our nickname ”Strutsby”, she says with a laugh.

The goalkeeper was elected MVP of the final.

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