Gothia Cup

The girls from Umeå look forward to Gothia Cup

For the girls from Teg Södra Umeå IF the trainings has been going on during the pandemic. The training sessions have been very important for both the team and the girls individually, says Jenny Umefjord, team leader.

With Gothia Cup as their goal next summer the girls from Umeå are working hard at the training sessions. The girls in the team are very close friends, which have meant even more during the pandemic, the training sessions has been a sanctuary from everything else. Except from the planned break from October to December 2020 the team have trained together, like they always have. The only interruptions the team have had were during spring when the restrictions forbid them from playing training matches, but when the leagues were about to start the restrictions for youth sports were lifted. Since the team have been able to have trainings all the time, all of the players are still a part of the team.

We have hard working girls in this team, girls who thrive together and who just simply love football! The football clubs in Sweden have coped much better than winter sports, thanks to our outdoor training and matches. - says, Jenny Umefjord, team leader

The football means a great deal to the girls in this team, and during the pandemic it have meant that they get a chance to be active - both physically and socially. The team have trained as normal, but the team leaders have been very strict when it comes to staying home if anyone felt had the slightest symptoms of illness. They have also had hand sanitizer for the team at both training sessions and matches - everything to take their responsibility.

Recently, the team got invited to play in the Northern Elite Trophy in Skellefteå. The girls were very happy about this since they have missed playing tournaments. Now they look forward to the next season and Gothia Cup next summer.

During 2021 the team has played for the youth club Teg Södra Umeå IF, next season they will take the step to the senior club Umeå Södra FF, which they will play for at Gothia Cup 2022 - they will then also play in yellow uniforms instead of blue and white ones.



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