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The Gothia Cup presents Libresse as new Official Partner

Libresse is a new Official Partner for the Gothia Cup.

Libresse becomes a new Official Partner for the Gothia Cup. The parties have agreed on a collaboration with gender equality in focus.

Libresse is one of the Nordic region's largest intimate hygiene brands and is owned by Essity. Now it's official that Libresse will be the new Official Partner for the Gothia Cup.
– It's very important for Libresse to break the taboo around menstruation and be a brave big sister who helps and guides girls on the way forward so that they can live their lives exactly as they want. Menstruation is something completely natural and a sign that the body is functioning as it should, says Oda Mustorp, brand manager at Libresse.

Today, many girls stop or miss training because of their period. Libresse wants to make it easier for girls to continue with their sports as long as they want and that menstruation should not stand in the way.
– We want to be part of the change and influence how girls best train depending on where they're in their menstrual cycle. The Gothia Cup works with the same values as us in, for example, gender equality and sustainable development. With the help of the Gothia Cup, we reach many girls, so together it will be a perfect match for us, says Oda Mustorp.

Together with Gothia Cup, Libresse wants to train players and leaders in how menstruation and the entire menstrual cycle affect training, with the goal that girls will have the best possible conditions to be able to continue with the sport they love.
– Menstrual blood must be allowed to be as natural as if you get a tackle to your knee during training and it starts bleeding. We therefore think that menstrual products should be as natural as sports tape in the team bag, and we also want to encourage that, says Oda Mustorp.

Libresse is very positive about the Gothia Cup and the values of the tournament.
– Gothia Cup works to improve society through equality, sustainability, the environment and a strong social commitment. These are values that we also value and work with. We see this partnership as a great and important opportunity in being able to educate and help all young girls who participate in the cup, as well as coaches and parents. We want to increase gender equality in sports. Here we see the Gothia Cup as a good partner to achieve this, she says.

Gothia Cup's director of sales, Thomas Anderson, thinks it's both gratifying and important that Libresse becomes the new official partner for the world's largest youth soccer tournament.
– Together, we will be an important catalyst for Gothia Cup's sustainability work in the coming years, with a view to Agenda 2030. Educating both players and leaders about the menstrual issue will be an important part of this sustainability work, all to build knowledge and remove taboos, says Thomas Anderson.



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