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The Gothia Cup presents Via as new Official Partner

Via is a new Official Partner for the Gothia Cup.

Via becomes a new Official Partner for the Gothia Cup. The parties have agreed on a collaboration with a focus on working towards global goal number 13: combating climate change.

Via, owned by Unilever, is one of Sweden's largest detergent brands. Via has existed in Sweden since 1957 and is the market leader in the country. Now it's official that Via will be the new Official Partner for the world's biggest youth football tournament.
– The Gothia Cup is a place where Via can meet existing customers in a new and positive way, but also engage new customers and make a touching impression. Together, Via and Gothia Cup share the passion for the young people in society and through our collaboration we can unite and encourage young footballers to be active, gain experience and grow, but without having to worry about getting dirty along the way, says Jenny Trolläng at Via.

Both Gothia Cup and Via are driven by improving our society when it comes to sustainability.
– With football as a denominator, we can in a good way support young people to develop a sense of meaning and to embrace the cooperation that is the key to development and knowledge, and thus build a better future that we all want, for each other and for our planet.
The hope is that the partnership will be long-lasting.
– There are many opportunities for projects and activities we can pursue together in accordance with our ambitions where we want to create benefit for many.

Via emphasizes that the Gothia Cup is about so much more than football.
– It's a fantastic event that brings people, cultures and businesses together year after year. It's a tournament that captures the whole and focuses on meetings both on and off the pitch, which contributes to young people's knowledge, understanding and development. Something Via appreciates is that the Gothia Cup inspires young people to a more active life while contributing to society by bringing together many local and global businesses, says Jenny Trolläng.
– Gothia Cup is a well-known brand with great positive association value. Their successful projects in charity with their Gothia Cup Foundation and hard work to develop the tournament show a social responsibility but also that they're innovative and creative to be able to offer the best experience for everyone involved.

The biggest goal with the partnership is to be able to run something bigger together and to be able to develop activities and projects that convey the message both parties share, which is about supporting and uniting young people to be active, develop and experience the outside world.
– The goal is to inspire the next generation to take care of each other, the environment and the world around them. Via wants people to be able to act and get involved without worrying about getting dirty on the road, because we know that it has a positive impact on young people's well-being and that every spot represents a new and important experience. Via believes that dirt has the power to release people's potential, which is needed to jointly build a more sustainable future.

Via and its owner Unilever want to make a sustainable lifestyle part of everyday life. They already incorporated the global sustainability goals into the business when they arrived in 2015 and are working towards reaching net zero emissions by 2030. They're clearly working towards global goals number 12 and 13. Gothia Cup and Via have chosen to work together towards the latter, which involves fight climate change. For example, Unilever has developed the Clean Future strategy, which is about transforming what the future of cleaning will look like.
– We must find better ingredients, have lower carbon dioxide emissions and less waste, but at the same time maintain the cleaning performance consumers demand. We work to reduce our carbon footprint by changing the way we manufacture, package, transport and dispose of our products. Clean Future is not only about sustainability, but about technology, as it's required that we drive ground-breaking innovations to be able to create high-performance products that solve consumers' challenges but in a way that is more sustainable, says Jenny Trolläng.

In production, Via has adopted the mantra "less plastic, better plastic and no plastic". Today, Via's standard bottle is made of 97 percent recycled plastic and all Via's packaging is 100 percent recyclable. In addition, the majority of Via's products are manufactured in Denmark with 100 percent renewable energy. In addition to that, they work to limit the impact on the environment by using biodegradable ingredients and eliminating those produced from fossil fuels, as well as developing detergents that are more concentrated and effective with less water use and lower temperatures.
– Investing in better ingredients, improving our energy efficiency and switching to renewable energy sources is just the beginning. As we learn more about our impact, we change what we do. Via wants people to be able to trust the quality and power of our products and not worry about the environmental impact they can have. Our promise is to continue working to make Via as sustainable as possible without compromising on the washing results, says Jenny Trolläng.

Gothia Cup's director of sales, Thomas Anderson, sees the collaboration as part of making the tournament even more sustainable.
– We're very much looking forward to collaborating with a large and exciting global brand. Via becomes an important partner to the Gothia Cup and with their environmental awareness and work towards climate goal 13, they're an example in their sustainability work. Together we can make a difference, says Thomas Anderson.



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