Gothia Cup

The Gothia Special Olympics Trophy tournament ended with joy

Several teams finished as winners.

The final matches were filled with different emotions as the teams fought for first place. During the prize ceremony, a strong feeling of community was clear between the teams.
- To have this opportunity feels amazing, says Azerbaijani player Jasmin Abdullayevq.

The football fields at Heden were filled with joy. Despite tough games and losses, there was still a sense of positivity. The possibility of participating in Gothia Cup no matter who you are was celebrated both on and off the field.
- The Special Olympics is an amazing organization. Coming together and creating friendships with people from all over the world is great for us, says Jasmin.

Azerbaijan came with two teams this year, one female and one male team. Both teams won the tournament.
- It was intense and emotional, but it feels great. We’ve trained hard together and connected through football. This tournament is so meaningful to us.

This year marks 10 years since GSOT was founded, and it’s also the first year for women’s only teams. The teams were celebrated individually for their participation and success as GSOT founder Kim Källström handed out the prizes.
- We’ve practiced hard for this moment and to get to where we are now. We’re grateful that we’re able to collect a prize from this experience. Tomorrow we’re heading back to Azerbaijan, and then we’ll practice for our next tournament, says Jasmin.

Big congratulations to all the winning teams!