Gothia Cup

Manchester United player Kai Rooney: "Dad helps me a lot"

Manchester United player Kai Rooney is here playing in Gothia Cup.

Kai Rooney, the son of the legend Wayne Rooney, plays for his school Manchester Grammar School (B14) during Gothia Cup and he's a great goalscorer, just like his dad.
– Gothia Cup is the biggest tournament in the world, says the 13-year-old talent.

In the 1/16 final against the American side Scandia United SA at Kviberg, he scored in the first minute. He also scored a goal that didn’t count because of offside. Manchester Grammar School won with 2–0 och booked their place in the 1/8 finals. Earlier on the day, he scored in the 6–0 victory over Vilnius Football Academy. More talented academy players from Manchester United is in the team. Like the technically skilled Tunde Shoretire. His 19-year-old brother Shola belongs to the first team.
– We haven’t lost yet. I think that we have a momentum going on. We got to focus, recharge and be happy for the next game. I think that we can win the tournament. We got to have that mentality if we’re going to win the tournament. Hopefully we will play the best football we can and we aim to win Gothia Cup, says Kai Rooney.

He’s playing in shirt number ten, just like Wayne Rooney used to do. Kai is also a striker.
– I could play on the wing as well, but I’m mainly a striker that scores goals. That’s what I got to keep doing to win the tournament, he says.
He has already scored a couple of nice goals in Gothia Cup 2023.
– Yeah, I’m quite pleased with my performances. Obviously I could have been better, but generally I think that I have been quite good. I have scored a few goals.

Kai Rooney is very happy to play Gothia Cup.
– It’s a great tournament with many different teams. So many different countries are involved. It’s the biggest tournament in the world. The feeling here is good. It’s lots of different pitches, we live together and many people are watching. We want to keep winning here.
Kai enjoys his stay in Gothenburg.
– It’s a great city. People are lovely and it’s good food.

He always get tips from his father.
– It’s a lot about scoring goals, because he was pretty good at scoring goals. So it’s mainly tips about that. He is preparing me to get in to professional football with the right mentality. He’s helping me a lot.
Does Wayne follow you during the tournament?
– Yeah, he watched the last game and he’s been looking at the fixtures. He says he’s pleased with them all.
What are your dreams in football?
– My dreams are to win the Premier League, Champions League and the World Cup, says Kai Rooney.