Gothia Cup

The Mexicans just started playing together: “It’s a special situation”

The girls in the Mexican team Inter Caimanes have fun together. The Gothia Cup is also a chance for the players to get to know each other.

The 18-year-old girls in Inter Caimanes from the big club InterCups in Mexico just started playing together. They’re making progress on the pitch all the time and the most important thing: they have fun.
– It’s a great privilege to play in the Gothia Cup. I’m really happy to be here and I’m proud to represent Mexico, says the player Dominique Castillo.

It's the first time the Mexicans are in Sweden. Some have never even been to Europe before.
– It’s my first time in Sweden. It’s beautiful here, I love it. The football environment is amazing as well. We’re having fun in the tournament. The feeling you get when everyone is so passionate about football and it's so intense, is so much fun, says Dominique Castillo.
The 18-year-old doesn’t complain about the heat.
– I’m used to it. This is like a cold day in Mexico, haha. This weather is nice now.

They won one game in the group stage and are currently playing in the B playoffs.
– We haven’t had great results so far but we’re a new team that haven’t played together before. We have just met each other, so it’s a bit expected as we’re learning how to play together. We’re doing great considering the situation. It’s a special situation, says Dominique Castillo.
She is happy to have created friendships with her new teammates during their stay in Gothenburg.
– I like the way we’ve come together as a family. It’s only been a couple of days but we’re already a family. We have each other’s backs. That feeling of security is amazing.

Dominique Castillo believes that the team has a lot of potential. 
– If we had played together for years like other teams here, we could have been one of the best teams, she says.
“Nicky”, as she is called, is from Cabo San Lucas, a city on Baja California Peninsula in northwestern Mexico.
– It’s by the beach, she says with a smile.
New adventures is waiting for her soon.
– I’m getting ready to go to college in August. I’m going to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. I will try to make it to the team, I’m going to the tryouts, she says.